Holidays to Croatia


Makarska is the tourist heart of the Riviera which is the same about 60 km from Velika Vrulja Norlich to cape Visnjica extends south.
8,000 residents inhabiting Makarska.Sie is Biokovo at the foot of the massif.
Between the town and the big hotels, the main beach.
To Sv.Jure the summit (1762 m) you can have a trail gelangen.Viele designated hiking trails which can be found on the plateau.
A special feature of the Botanical Garden can be found in the village Kotisina 4 km above Makarsaka.
Above all, the imposing mountains Biokovo is a goal of many hikers and mountain bikers.
There is also a mountain of many ancient paths (trails) through to mountain bikers Eldorado.Das a combination of mountain and sea with the fragrant pine forests and white and read Kiesstraden fassziniert a unique landscape created.

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