Free climbing at Omis

To climb it is not a hobby.It is not a way of live.
It is a state of mind.
For all of you roamers, here is a liitle something
to assist you in meditation.



Discovery diving trip for the beginner with the boat ride to the sunken boat with an instructor.

Dive Course: 7 days, 5 dives, 5 lectures (Croatian or English), Informatinsmaterial, equipment and certification.
Medical certificate required.

Start: Every day at 09:00 clock, duration 3-5 hours (Brac, Vruja, Hvar)
Diving for the Experienced (1.Zone)
Included: bottle 15 l, with lead belt and instructor.
Complete equipment, plus 10 euros.
Price: 25-35 euros (depending on the distance)

Start: 18:00 clock or by appointment.
Equipment: 3-5 people, every day at
price: 40 euro for 2 hours.
Underwater photography possible


Jetski - every day - Yamaha 700 XL
120 Kn 10 Min. 1 Person
140 Kn 10 Min. 2 Persons

Kitesurfing / windsurfing



Theory is explained on the beach with help of a simulator followed by practical part on the water. You will learn on the beach basic technique, wind and weather conditions and safety measures with regard to all watersports. On the water students will improve different windsurfing skills with help of instructors. GROUP COURSES (minimum persons 3): Taster Course (1 h)HRK 200.00
Beginner Course (8 h)HRK 850.00
(starting, stopping, turning, steering and up and down wind sailing)
Advanced Course (5 h)* HRK 650.00
(quick start, fast tack, jibe, beach start)

All courses are held throughout the day and times will be coordinated with instructor.

FUN COURSE (3 h)* HRK 450.00
Theory is explained on the beach with help of a simulator followed by practical part on the water. In this course you can develop different advanced techniques, but it is required that all participants be comfortable with all techniques in beginner and advanced courses. What you want to work on can be discussed with an instructor and few of the possibilities are water start, harness and foot straps, planning, tack and jibe on a fun board.


1 h** HRK 250.00
2 h** HRK 400.00
*Minimum 2 persons
** Every additional person HRK 50.00


Beginner equipment:
1 hour HRK 80.00
2 hours HRK 130.00
3 hours HRK 180.00
½ day HRK 230.00
1 day HRK 300.00
1 week HRK 800.00
5 hour card** HRK 300.00
10 hour card** HRK 450.00

Fun Board:
(Requirements: tack, jibe, beach start, and harness)
1 hour HRK 130.00
2 hours HRK 200.00
3 hours HRK 250.00
½ day HRK 300.00
1 day HRK 450.00
1 week HRK 1,000.00
5 hour card** HRK 450.00
10 hour card** HRK 700.00
Harness HRK 35.00
Insurance HRK 150.00 (doesn’t include total damage)
*In the case of damaged equipment user is responsible for all the costs of damage that was made from the time of taking to returning of equipment ** Possible to use in several days




2 x 6 people and 3 x 10 persons
During the ride visit the area.

Start: Slime
Departure: every day at 09:00 and at 14:00 clock.
End: Radmanove Mlinice
Duration: 4 hours around 9km in the morning or afternoon.

equipment: insurance are included in the price.
included: Transfer, Rafting, füll equipment.
Take along: Sneekers or solid footwear, towels, dry clotes.
Price: 180 Kuna For adults and children over 10 years.


The river Cetina is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia where you can experience the magic of a rafting adventure. Rafting is a discipline where you must try. To swimm down the foaming river, you need a good will and swimming skills. Just listen the skipper instructions how strong pull, when put into the paddels on the boat and hold tight, you will have an experience and adventure you will never forget.

organizer welcomes guests where you have the appointment place, Guests leave their own stuff in the car. Afterwors will be at end of the trip in Radmanove Milinice. Then we go with organized transportation to the starting position Slime where we get sharing equipment who needed for security.

First moments pass in acquainting the visitors, testing of the equipment and demonstration how to properly use the equipment. After done demonstration will show how put in the boat on the river.

Takes about 10 km will be easy, medium waves, rocks, sometimes small maneuvers to avoid rocks, branches and other obstacles. they can engage young children and elderly people without fear of injury.

An adventure day in the deep canyon of the river "Cetina"wher you never will forget.

Bicycle tours

Omis-mountain loop


Keep your camera handy for this scenery-rich trip along Omis region.
A trip starts in downtown bike-Omis, with a full day of bike touring and exploration .

We’ll then follow Adventure Bicycle Trail into the Cetina River, followed by the road Bicycle Route over some of the Cascade Range’s most challenging terrain as you spin into the mountaine range Omiska Dinara.

The trip will reach a beatifully landscape at the Dinara in the middle of vineyards, olive yards an higher cross slopes. After your fell at this sunning location, you can leave the high level of plateau to you will head downhill to waterfalls Falls where you will stay at the Canyon on the Cetina river for a relaxing.

According estimate bike trip is will be nice to visite Omis in the evening hours to be able enjoy the sunset on teh sea.

Canyoning Cetina

Canyoning/Cetina "Kuljevic"
Start: Kraljevac
Departure: arround 9:00
End: Near Pavic bridge
Duration: whole day

equipment: Neopren, Helmets.
included: Transfer, full equipment.
Take along: Sneekers or solid footwear, towels, dry clotes.
Price: 250 Kuna, children over 16 years has to be with parents.

Description: An adventure day in the deep canyon of the river "Cetina"

Explore the 40 m high waterfall.
Picnic with home made food and drinks is included.

The Cetina River has its end in the historical town of Omis, which is located south of the city of Split.
The Cetina River is the longest river in Dalmatia and flows for nearly a hundred miles in the Adriatic Sea.

Travel to Croatia and experience the real adventure in the canyon of the river Cetina and enjoy the hidden beauties of the canyon, which is 120 meters deep in some places. Look at the 40-foot waterfall "Gubavica", where you can swim without fear, because you care for experienced leaders who are born and raised here and enjoy the beauty and danger of the gorge.

Those opting for adventurous canyoning can also descend the rocks (down with teh robe 35-50 m) try, while others take a detour to the foot of the waterfall, where you can make a meal break.

Yes, Finally can try out all the rocks descent height of 12 meters, or simply of the same or lower level jump into the water.

The air temperature is about 30 degrees beigt and the water temperature in the season is about 20 degrees, so it is ideal for swimming and a sufficient amount of water.

Along the way changes the canyon and the rocks themselves reach a height of 100 m. After this tour you will have beautifully experience for your life


50 Kn 10 Min. 1 Pers.

Bayliner 175

Bayliner 175 Super Sport Length: 5.55 m Width: 2.40 m Engine: Mercruiser 3.0 135KS Tank: 80 l Number of persons: 6-8 Rent discover the speed boat with the skipper and private You beauties of the Adriatic Coast. Price: Daily rent: 220-260 € Evening Rent: 150-200 € Weekly rate: € on request without skipper: 145 € per day The price includes: skipper Water skiing and fishing equipment

Bayliner 175


50 ccm 10 Std. 180 Kn, 24 Std. 220 kn
125 ccm 10 Std. 240 Kn, 24 Std. 280 Kn

Rent a Scooter Prospect




SUBMARINE outing for young and old. It takes a seating capacity of 12 persons and the trip takes about 1 hour. Not a Submarine in the traditional sense because it is not under water dips but stays on the surface and are mounted in the bow hatch (glass) where you can watch happen under water. Prices: A person 70 Kn 4 persons 3 + (1) Free 210 Kn


Picnic boat trip „Brac“ „Bol“
During the ride visit the area.

Start: Omis
Departure: every day at 09:00 clock.
End: Omis arround 17:00
Duration: whole day>
Includedmeal-beaf or fish (must be ordered in advance, salat, bread, drinks (wather, soft drinks or wine).
Price: 200 Kuna, children over 3 years 50 %, - 3 years free of charge

Description: Cruise on board a comfortable and airconditioned boat to the islan Brac. On this picturesque island you can take a stroll in town of „Bol“ go for sightseeing or relax on the beach>

The big tourist boat „Jure Joskan“ departure at 8:30 from the pier in Omis. This nice trip takes arround 2.5 hours on the sea til to the town Brac at the islan Brac. In Brac village you can se a several shops and Restaurants.

There is possible catch a liitle train with you can reach the very beautifuly and populary place „Bol“ in about 15 minutes.
Alternate will be a nice walk under the pine trees til to the beach where is possible do all sportactivities you can imagine. 3rd variant take a shuttle boat from the pier Brac til Beach Bol.

At the beach are 2 specialities where you will find and be amazed.
Beach Bol is promontory who is moveing with the flow from the sea.On the first side most time will be windless and just across 100 metgers at the other side can happen so strong wind that all stuff overcomes them. This side is very popular place for windsurfers.

After a stay about 4 hours you have to move back at villige Bol catch „jure Joskan“ tourist boat where they take you back to Omis.
During the trip will get aperitiv, desert and no limited quantity of food and drink for lunch- fish, salad , wine and juice.
After a very plesant nice day trip be at the island Brac experience on the Adriatic be able return in full satisfaction back to Omis.

Bol the tongue

Boat trip Brac

Fish at the grill

Fish at the grill

Brac harbor

Brac harbor



Bol fun




was nice


Wilde Horse Jeep Safari

Available: 05/01 - 10/12
Expected Return Time: 19:00
Destination: Wild horses Safari
Additional Cost:
Minimum People: 4 300€, 5 P. 370 €, 6 P. 440 €, 7 P. 510 €
Maximum People: 8 P. 580 €
Category: Adventure tours
Tour Languages: englisch
Included: instructor, transport, safety gear, insurance, meal and drinks

Duration: whole day (arround 12 H)
Price Adults: 75 €
Group Price: 4 Persons 300€, 5 P. 370 €, 6 P. 440 €, 7 P. 510 €, 8 P. 580 €

Payment with bankaccount:
Price Adults: 95 €
Group Price: 4 Persons 375€, 5 P. 463 €, 6 P. 550 €, 7 P. 640 €, 8 P. 725 €

Days: 2-3 days on request
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Departure Towns: Split, Omis

Start Time:
8:00-9:15 arrival in Livno
9:15-10:15 Breakfast
10:15-15:00 Safari
15:00-16:00 sightseeing home
16.00-17:45 Lunch
17:45-19:00 Return

Tour Details:

From the heart of Dalmatia and of the Adriatic for only 90 minutes away, you can feel the true pure and unspoiled nature near the town of Livno. For the vast stretches of unspoiled nature Livno field, only ten kilometers away from the town of Livno, relaxing peace that reigns in this area undermines gallop over two hundred wild horses!
Celebrity Livno plateau overlooking the unmistakable big tourist sensation especially so pure and under the supervision of their guards, the icon of Livno, wild horses! Brutally powerful and beautiful wild horses inhabiting this beautiful decades Livno barren land. A unique travel adventure awaits you!
Those who go during the circling area, from Korićine to Pine head, will impress enchanting sight herds of wild horses, who are looking for good grass, salt and water a day and go to dozens of kilometers.
Wild horses in the pastures, almost fifty years living under the open sky, left to themselves, relentless weather conditions, harsh winters and the attack of wild animals in the surrounding forests has many.
Survived only thanks to regions that are rich in grass.

Jeep 7 Persons

Jeep 4 Persons